I came upon this facebook post by the Addic7ed people today:

Addic7ed Subtitles
March 23 at 4:53pm ·

I promised the XBMC (Kodi) developers that the Addic7ed support will come back, at some point. Guess it's about time we bring that back smile emoticon

If we have a XBMC dev around here (or someone knows one and can link him here), drop us a message!

No Facebook here, ask him to contact me and I'll add it in

here ->
Hi ! As I use Addicted a lot to download subtitles, I got really excited when I saw this announcement. But when I tried to install this addon on Kodi Helix, it shows me "Incorrect extension structure"... Any idea ?
Unzip it manually and copy to addons folder. Restart Kodi
Doesn't work neither... I don't see it in Subtitles after restarting.
it works here
I use this daily, is working fine.

When you download it you get a zip called service.subtitles.addic7ed-master
In this zip is a folder called service.subtitles.addic7ed
That last folder needs to go into your addons folder, which is a folder on the same level as your userdata (not inside it!)
I've put it in addon, I know how to install an addon manually. Are you also using it in Helix ?
This asson worked on my Raspberry Pi 2 with Helix.
This not working for my AC Ryan Veolo 4K with SPMC Helix Android, but i found this one working. Just Install the addons from zip file, Cheers.
Same for me, amet's plugin wasn't working for me. I went to cflannagan repository on github, linked above here, saw that it was suggesting following Amelandbor's work, since he was discontinuing his plugin, downloaded it from here:

Works great!
For troubleshooting and bug reporting please make sure you read this first.
would be good to see why its not working... Debug Log might have some info since its working for me
The error on Amet's plugin if we install from zip file, said "Incorrect extension structure". So I compare Amet's with Amelandbor's zip file, show in Amet's zip there is double folder which is "service.subtitles.addic7ed" folder inside "service.subtitles.addic7ed-master" folder and that make the error. So i just remove the "service.subtitles.addic7ed-master" folder from the Amet's zip file and move "service.subtitles.addic7ed" folder to the root in his zip file. Then all work great, Addic7ed addons enabled as result. Cheers.
amet's plugin debug log:

Amelandbor's plugin debug log:

Amelandbor's retrieves correct results, Amet's says there are no subs available.
For troubleshooting and bug reporting please make sure you read this first.
Thanks, I'll have a look later but if other one works I think there is no point maintaining 2 addons that do the same thing.

We need to figure out if he is keen to push it to official repo and maintain it...
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