How to: add new TV episode

I'm running latest TMM on OSX and using TV Series to a rPi-1 Model B on an ext4 filesystem via Samba

I'm kinda confused with the correct and easiest way to add a new TV Episode via FTP and have TMM add the artwork and NFO as well as Renaming the new episode and artwork/nfo

Currently I rescrape the entire TV Show but I think this is overkill.
With so many options, could someone please tell me the right way for this?

well... just copy the file(s) and do an "update datasource".
Now the new episodes should be listed correctly (when not - correct them)

Then do a rightclick "update episode metadata" or use scrape on episode level...

tinyMediaManager - THE media manager of your choice :)
Wanna help translate TMM ?
Oh wow thanks so much.
Would you believe I never clicked the dropdowns on the Series and then the Season to exposure individual episodes?
Now I feel like a dummy Smile

Thanks heaps - I have the excitement of finding a hidden feature which wasn't really hidden. Now so easy
Thanks again
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