Solved Start Kodi on "video" or "music" screens?
Is it possible to start Kodi and have it display the "video" or "music" screen at startup? Do cmmand lines exist for that?
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Go to system settings->appearance->skin->startup window and choose the one you like

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Thanks for the answer, but it's not exactly what I want... I want to use the colored buttons of my remote. So when I press the yellow button it should go to videos, when I press the red button, it should go to music, etc. that's why I need some command line to set the right commands on the remote...
see and the ActivateWindow command. You can also install and use the keymap editor addon
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Thanks for the help. But if I'm not mistaken, this page deals with commands that are used when Kodi is already started.
What I want is : start Kodi using one of the 4 remote colored button, then go directly to the screens "video", "music", "photos" etc.
@grendizer do you know where i can buy a remote like yours?

Where do you find plugins for imon?

There used to be an online shop on but now it's not working. Perhaps it's temporary down? But Imon Manager isn't updated anymore. You should look for something new. I don't think there are plugins for Imon manager.

Question still unresolved...
Switching the device on and off is handled different IIRC, so if i'm right, you cant do it this way. On and off still works if no other button from your remote works. I have had this remote as well on my old hardware (silverstone lc20m htpc case with imon ir).

So you have to deal with this and use the "startup window"-option or switch kodi on and use da-andas suggestion after kodi is already booted up.

As a work around, you can install autohotkey and make a script.

I.e. Press your corresponding colored buttons, then it launches KODI and after period of delay it focuses/displays the screen menu/window item required via KODI built in python scripting or bind to key press.

The script would simulate the launch of KODI, then pressing one of the colored buttons to nav to different screen, but within a single key press.

Unfortunately there is no way to do this inside of KODI as the read for the GUI is read once, and loads the screen set as home.
Thanks for the help. I got it working. So I updated my blog post about Kodi and Imon.
Very awesome, nice leverage of powershell Smile

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