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XBMC 2.0.0 (Final) Point-Release!
Team-XBMC and The XBMC Project is proud to announce the release of XboxMediaCenter 2.0.0. XBox Media Center (XBMC) is an award winning, free and open source media player for the Xbox™ game-console. The XboxMediaCenter 2.0.0 point-release source code has now been set in our CVS. We consider that the current code in the XBMC CVS is as stable as a point-release should be. All XBMC users are highly encouraged to upgrade to this stable Xbox Media Center 2.0.0 point-release. Remember, the XBMC source code needs to be compiled with the XDK, and requires a modded Xbox to run. Our thanks goes out to everyone who has tested, reported bugs, and helped fix them in order to make this release possible.

There are many new features and functions that have been introduced since the 1.1.0 point-release, that we cannot list them all here. A few that are especially worth mentioning are; the enhanced GUI/skin-engine, the Project Mayhem III skin, DVD-Video menu/navigation support (with ISO/IMG image parsing), RAR/ZIP archive parsing, a new audio/music-player (PAPlayer) with crossfade, gapless playback and ReplayGain support, Karaoke CDG-file display, Xored Trainer Engine (gaming-cheats), XLink Kai (online-gaming) front-end, iTunes 6.x DAAP and UPnP-clients, and two surprise features; read-only support for FAT12/16/32 formatted USB Mass Storage Devices up to 4GB in size, and a brand new "skinnable" 3D visualizer.

For a full list of all features/functions and codecs/formats supported by XBMC please visit the "XBMC Features and Supported Formats/Codecs" page in our new online manual.

Help is wanted to get our online-manual (WIKI), and all the language translations up-to-date.

XBMC official web-site: (manual and FAQ)

Additional information to the news announcement:

For those of you who are new to XBMC, please understand and respect that Team-XBMC only maintain the XBMC source code - we do not release or distribute Xbox executable (XDK binaries). You can not run just source code on an Xbox, so do not download it from our site if you do not have the XDK and can compile it yourself, (again, you will require a compiled version of XBMC to run on your Xbox, but do not ask us where to find nor where to download pre-compiled versions of XBMC!). Please read our FAQ and the XBMC Online-Manual (WIKI) carefully before posting/asking anything in our official XBMC community-forum.

Know that the XBMC CVS feature-freeze has officially now been lifted, meaning our developers are allowed to add new features/functions to the XBMC CVS again. However, Team-XBMC have agreed to take it easy on the new features/functions for the next few upcoming weeks, so that if many valid bug-reports come in about the XBMC 2.0.0 point-release then we may possibly have to release a 2.0.1 point-release before we fully let loose on the XBMC CVS. In any case, we have decided to at the very least keep the freeze on the language strings for another two weeks, so if your language is not available (or up-to-date) please submit your translation now, (you may even end up in the credits if we make a 2.0.1 point-release).

Note! Yes, there are still a few known bugs left in the XBMC 2.0.0 point-release, but none serious enough to stop you from fully using and enjoying XBMC on your Xbox. Any and all assistance to squash these outstanding issues is welcomed, please see our manual on how to submit a proper bug-report.

Finally, we like a say goodbye and thank you to Chokemaniac (Project Mayhem III skin author) who now officially leaves the XBMC-project due to lack of spare time. We all wish him the best.

PS! New Proper bug-reports from end-users and new features/functions and bug-fix patches from independent programmers are always welcomed, as is confirmation and additional replication information (or samples) about known bugs.
Always read the XBMC online-manual, FAQ and search the forum before posting.
Do not e-mail XBMC-Team members directly asking for support. Read/follow the forum rules.
For troubleshooting and bug reporting please make sure you read this first.
Congrats to all the developers on reaching this milestone. This release will help XBMC get even more popular. I look forward to what the future holds. (And wonder how long it will take for people to start bugging you guys about 3.0 Smile )
WOHOO! I can finally implement the toaster addon/feature. Glorious day Smile
nuff said
Love your work guys! Thanks!
I love XBMC too. Thanks for all.
This morning, i installed XBMC 2.0, but, it seems that many language files are missing. I have to take the missing files, on the preceding XBMC release.
Great Job...its been real fun watching this program grow over the past 3 years..
Just want to join in by adding my heart felt gratitude to all the developers who worked on this. It truely is awondeful piece of software. Anway have a good weekend all (I recommend getting drunk as a skunk and going nowhere near a PC for the next 48 hours). Yay!!!
Amazing as always!
THX! Big Grin to all devs
Goodbye Choke! THX for PM3
PC: Kubuntu 17.10 and Win7/10 --- Wetek Play: LibreELEC 8.1.1 --- RPi3: latest Milhouse 9.0
The team has done an amazing work on this program. I have said it before many times and i say it now again: XboxMediaCenter is THE mediacenter program on ANY platform. You guys RULE this relm :-D
Yeah i forgot to say goodbye to choke! I'll miss your exelent graffics.
Hope you come back time to time and check up on the rest of the team Smile
woohoo, massive thanks to the whole team Smile

i cant say how pleased i am to finally see updated with something new
and exciting Tongue
Wow!. thnx goes to everyone who made this possible.
The XBMC team rules!
Thank You !! Great work, guys !!

But one bug maybe. I installed XBMC 2.0 (T3CH) yesterday.
In Systeminfo it says XBMC Version 1.1.0. Whats the matter?


XBMC 2.0.0 (Final) Point-Release!00