Announcement: code is now stable
Wow! That branch looks so good. Nice work!
Can't wait to test/translate/contribute by writing controller addons!
Awesome work as always and congrats on getting this far.
Congratulations! :-)
Is a windows build available somewhere?
Congratulations, this awesome!
garbear: Wow, that was good news!.. Thanks for sharing your great work Smile.
this is great news, thanks for all the hard work garbear
Really, this is the most-looked-forward-to feature on my end, since I do a lot of stuff with RCB right now... if you get the limelight plugin going as well (as far as I know someone works on that in context of GSOC?) I might be able to go "full KODI" on my box (right now it is linux, integrating several external emulators with RCB, and steam big picture for in home streaming...) keep up the good work, we all love you!
Hi, I'm sort of a noob at this sort of thing. Can someone please write a small guide on how to compile and install a build of this for Ubuntu?

Fantastic work!! Looks unbelievable!!
I'm not on ubuntu, but this is what I do (and what garbear has already added to all his readme files too):
I assume your working directory is like: /home/user/devel or sth like that, otherwise the install directory matches your develop directory, then you need to adapt DESTDIR and PREFIX when building the addons.
git clone kodi
cd kodi
./bootstrap && ./configure --prefix=/usr && make -j8
make install
make -C tools/depends/target/binary-addons clean
make -C tools/depends/target/binary-addons PREFIX=/usr ADDONS="peripheral.joystick game.libretro game.libretro.nestopia"

make -C tools/depends/target/binary-addons PREFIX=$HOME/kodi ADDONS="peripheral.joystick game.libretro game.libretro.nestopia"

where $HOME/kodi is the prefix you used in ./configure --prefix=/usr
and run make install instead of make install DESTDIR=$HOME/kodi. setting DESTDIR doesn't work right.
lol - I use DESTDIR every time, didn't see any issues right now.
NVM, I edited my original post to reflect your changes.
DESTDIR works fine, it just does what it is designed to do (it is a prefix to the prefix). if -DPACKAGE_ZIP=1 is passed, you get the expected result, since that installs to <addonid> ignoring the prefix (it's meant to be used to build .zips).
my guess is that still only x86 x64 and no ARM support ?
nobody focused on arm. if you send patches that is confirmed working on your platform, they will be accepted. it will mostly be adding the correct make command to the CMakeLists.txt in the addons. there's even placeholder code for droid etc in there.

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Announcement: code is now stable6
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