Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-04-03, 05:39)dbezerra Wrote: AHA! Found the issue. Reverted back to MadVR 0.87.14 and it's fixed.Versions .16 or .17 are messing up with full screen mode (exclusive or overlay), but only in Kodi/DSPlayer.

From Aracnoz:
can you make two logs in debug mode of madVR with version 0.87.14 and 0.87.17 and send them to madshi ... would be useful to have no problems with future vesion of madVR

I got more details about this issue. Also posted the same findings on MadVR forum:

1. Only when using DSPlayer (Kodi) with MadVR as a renderer in either Full screen exclusive or Full screen overlay
2. Have luma doubling set (# of neurons doesn't seem to matter)
3. Have the downscaling done by any of the custom pixel shader options (I use Catmull-Rom)

As soon as I change the downscaling to DXVA2 the problem goes away. It repros with version 0.87.17.

Question - do you know what could be causing this behavior only on DSPlayer? Do I lose quality by using DXVA2 instead of Catmull-Rom (looks like DXVA2 equals Bilinear for my NVIDIA card)

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