Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-04-05, 02:13)Warner306 Wrote: I don't know much about SVP. Is your average rendering queue below the movie frame interval of 41.71 ms? If not, you will have to dial-down your settings. If it is below the rendering queue, then I don't know what the problem could be.

I think madVR scaling shines whenever it is asked to do the most work, with the exception of SD material, which will simply display artifacts at times when overscaled to HD resolutions. Using NNEDI3 Luma Doubling from 1080p -> 4K is known to produce very impressive results. Scaling 720p to 1080p also does well. I would test the various scaling algorithms - as long as your graphics cards can handle it - to find something you like. Adding extra taps to Jinc, for example (4 or more), will lead to a sharper image. But some would say it's oversharpened. Using Error Diffusion dithering is also overlooked.

In general, the scaling will look its best the more you blow up the image. If you are looking at it on your computer monitor, the image will look less enhanced than the same image shown on a projector screen. Also, changes to the luma (black and white color layer) will be more apparent than changes to the chroma (color layer). This is simply due to the human perception of color.

Only your eyes can decide what looks best. Having a powerful graphics card does help, as more settings are available to you.

Yes, my average rendering happens at 12ms, but the max stat over 5 seconds is at about 120ms.
I've played around on my desktop PC now, so I might start to take this over to my HTPC and see if the results are better over there, and especially to see if I get the same kind of frame dropping. I will definitely be trying your suggestions.

(2015-04-05, 05:56)oldpoem Wrote: I just tried SVP with MadVR on Kod It works fine like on EVR when I tried many months ago. If framedrop occurs most likely your GPU can't keep up with task loads. You should reset SVP profiles to let it determined what is best settings for your system. Also you would want to lower madVR settings if you want to use it with SVP because it double loads on GPU/CPU.

You don't need DSPlayer config from SVP at all. Just insert FFDShow RAW as extra filter and that's all you need to make Kodi DSplayer works with SVP. Disabe ato-refresh rate changing in MadVR & Kodi since we want to output everything to 60fps. Also I'd say from my past experience don't use reclock with SVP.

Also AVISynth that came with SVP was quite old. You may want to update it to latest version and maybe AVISynthMT version for better performance.

I keep getting frame drops (about 1/sec) no matter what algorithm I choose - even with "Nearest neighbor". This occurs when I set the playback into exclusive mode with a 720p video playing in this case. What else can I lower in madVR to increase performance?

I dont know much about Avisynth, can I just install a newer version over an old one, or does it need setting up?

(2015-04-05, 05:56)oldpoem Wrote: You will definitely see improvement when compared to simple algorithm, Nearest Neighbor / Bilinear. But when compared to other more complex algorithm it will be a lot less improvement. Especially when less amount of scaling is needed.

Decided by your eyes. Don't trust other's eyes, some like it sharp some says it's too sharp. Our visual preference is different. Just like when some prefer normal fps but some prefer interpolated 60fps from SVP.

On 1080p you would see less differences. Especially with SVP. SVP algorithm already do some post processing like cleanup /denoise / sharpening etc.

I'd say I sometimes miss this smooth 60fps especially on Animation. Maybe I'd try to set up profiles for it.

I definitely have a hard time seeing differences between the custom algorithms, I did however get really good results playing with FFDShow's sharpening to combat the slight blurryness that SVP may result in.

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