Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-04-06, 10:36)hentai23 Wrote: well i sure as hell hope we can find a solution to this , since OSD lag is apparent for potplayer and mpchc as well , checkout the latest replys over at doom9 ive linked too, as well will i be forwarding a few kodi devs to this thread and doom9s , we ought to get this fixed , not only is the OSD lag horrible even with setting gpu queue to 4 you effectively are getting 4 frames of lag , hardly noticeable but drawback of this is it essentially breakes playback, and even with this , theres still lag as all hell when you backout to kodi GUIs Home screen and navigate around while playback is still active, this really needs fixing, perhaps even a collaboration between kodi devs , aracnoz and madshi

ok so ive opened a thread over at the dev section here :


now we wait and see what happens , i sure hope they take this request seriously so aracnoz and madshi can help to get this big issue solved not to mention finally dsplayer build receiving the attention it deserves

i dont think this would help any with the current issue , right ?


It is mainly madVR issue though. I doubt any changes in Kodi would do anything with how madVR rendered and stored frames in advance. Asking Kodi dev to do anything with issue about how madVR works probably won't get anywhere. Especially you are telling other players have the same problem.

I'm quite sure DSPlayer will stay unofficial build and won't get merged into main branch. There are many reasons , mainly it's windows-only , rely on a lot of external elements. While Kodi try to be build as multi-platform and be a complete package as possible. So I saw nothing indicates this would change.

Also migrate to DX11 won't help much in this issue. As madshi said it's how madVR designed to operates. And probably only him who could make significant change to this issue.

For now It maybe probably better to go with previous aracnoz approach. Stop playback when you go back to main menu. I see no benefit of bring up main menu during playback. OK it's cool fancy stuff but is it really serve any purpose? Playback control menu is what we only need during playback and it works really fine here with no noticable lag..

Also good luck with finding Kodi windows dev. Last I heard there was only 1 dev working on specific windows build.

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