Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-04-06, 11:46)vicmanpergar Wrote: @oldpoem
I agree basically with u, Kodi devs have stated several times about that, and i understand their point of view. It is an free system and they will tell u , u're free to do it urself.
Anyway, do really anyone go to the main menu while playing a movie?. I ask cos i've never do it, specially with Kodi being able to play from the point u left the movie.
Just curious, is ur lag so horrible?

As I've said I rarely bring up main menu during playback, if I did it probably because I accidental hit back button on remote. And my lag is very minimal for my usage. It is close to normal Kodi responsiveness but I do see noticable lag when bring up main menu too. Just I'd think it's not that much lag as hentai-ecchi23 said or at least it's not much of my issue though.

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