Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-04-07, 02:48)hentai23 Wrote: well i sure as hell see this as urgent, again , since it messes with my media experience , OSD lag during playback , backing out into the kodi GUI having major lag during playback are both issues that deffinitely need advanced fixing and shouldnt be disregarded as mere small annoyances , and im glad you guys do atleast notice what im talking about afterall

btw yes we all are greatful to aracnoz and kodi team for creating kodi and aracnoz for working on dsplayer build kodi continuously , ive never said otherwise , not to mention my deepest respect to madshi for creating such an advanced renderer that we all know as madvr and the rest of the crew such as tiben20 for making dsplayer possible , again these are all known facts nothing new here , we all including me know this and deeply appreciate the hard work put in

This discussion has progressed. Aracnoz explained that he accepted the lag to include all of the processing features of madVR. Therefore, a future version of madVR woiuld have to include a feature to counter the impact of the back-buffer on OSD elements rendered ovet the image. Given a new version of madVR was just released, this would have to be included in a future version of madVR. So you might have to live with it for a while.

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