Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
wait... NNEEDI64 and still fluid? ok now im mindboggled , have you done the test on an actual hd file such as with 1920x1080 at atleast 24 fps? again low quality playback media dont count, , cause over here i get 24 fps from 48 fps during pause while using NEEDI64 for chroma upscaling whereas with NEEDI32 and 16 i get 42-48 fps , btw i have core parking disabled for windows and my i7 980x set to 4.3 ghz/with HT running rock solid and 48gb dd3 running at 1400 mhz, as well as a titan gtx ocd and unlocked set at 1137mhz gpu and 3500 mhz memory

btw about kodi crashing during stopping playback etc , yep now its happening quite often to me as well as soon as ive enabled madvr settings managed through kodi

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