Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
I will take a shot at helping you rely less on the gui, because it is not needed for most practical use of Kodi. That makes more sense than attempting to eliminate lag that most of experience but none can fix:

1. Use madVR profiles. Most madVR scaling algorithms are applicable to content based on its resolution (this is particularly true of image doubling). The Kodi gui allows madVR settings to be saved for content based its resolution. This eliminates the need to adjust settings on a per video basis. Using the Kodi gui in conjunction with rendering stats (Cntrl + J) allows a user to adjust madVR settings and save the results for each video resolution. This should eliminate the need to revisit this menu in the future once settings are adjusted to your liking.

2. Stop a video before backing out to the main menu. Your progress will always be saved, and this will eliminate the need to deal with menu lag created by the renderer.

3. Use keyboard shortcuts to video and audio settings. If you are relying excessively on the player controls, try investigating keyboard shortcuts available to you. Most commands can be accessed via remote. Accessing the Kodi player controls to adjust settings such as the subtitle and audio stream, subtitle offset and audio delay can all be completed via direct remote commands. Further, any custom window within the player control menu can be launched through an entry to keyboard.xml under the heading of <FullScreenVideo>. This eliminates the need to access the player controls during general playback.

Basically, the use Kodi menus should be minimized with proper playback. This is partly why this issue is not a major priority to the developers of madVR or DSPlayer.

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