Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-04-09, 05:00)MKANET Wrote: EDIT: I am able to get everything to work as advertised. However, there's a strange quirk...I cannot stop the video in full screen mode (regardless if its Exclusive mode or not). If I try to stop the video (by pressing STOP or 'X' hotkey) the entire Kodi app locks up so hard, I have to use Win8 task manager to stop the stuck Kodi application (application turns while and unresponsive).

In order to avoid this issue, I have to switch to Kodi Window mode before I try to stop the video. There's absolutely no lag or any other performance issues; even when using more CPU./GPU intensive madvr settings.

Anyone have any suggestions to why I can't stop the video in full screen mode? The only way I can stop the video in full screen mode is to leave all the OSD Video settings for MadVR at their defaults.

I don't have any performance issues. It works comparable to MPC-HC.

I have the exact same problem. The fact that it can be cured by switching to windowed mode is helpful. We are having trouble catching this in a debug log because there is no error. Interestingly, though, turning on debugging also seems to fix the problem - but I don't think this has helped with a solution.

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