Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-04-10, 17:55)MKANET Wrote: The issue/symptom I see is reproducible every time; behaving predictably when the 2 below conditions are met. I can't crash Kodi or madVR any other way.

-When ANY Kodi/madVR OSD Video settings are changed (or via MadVR tray icon settings if option to use Kodi's OSD to change madVR settings is unchecked)
-When media playback STOP is initiated by user DURING full screen mode (regardless if Exclusive Mode is enabled or not).

One thing I noticed, that shouldn't be ignored (especially since this behavior is 100% consistent on at least two different setups) ... madVR settings under the Kodi's VIDEO\DSPLAYER do NOT cause any issues during playback or otherwise when they are changed. Everything seems to work perfectly with DSPlayer if the OSD Video settings aren't changed. Maybe, it's because those settings are changed BEFORE video playback, not during.

each setting it's changed on the fly during playback, when you stop the video the whole list of settings it's stored in the dsplayer's database, if the kodi gui it's enabled to manage madvr settings then at playstart they are restored, even if you don't change any setting through the gui if the option it's enabled at playstart dsplayer restore the default settings... so for each playstart kodi change the madvr's setting, your case it's very strange :\

(2015-04-10, 17:55)MKANET Wrote: 1. Do I need to enable "Enable Component Specific Logging" under Kodi's debug logging settings?
2. Do I need to use the madVR [debug].ax filter instead of madVR.ax to get verbose madVR freeze report logs; or, should I just use the default madVR filter?

i figured out that it's useless to use madvr in debug mode in this case... you have to ensure to put the right pdb file where kodi it's installed remember that each kodi.exe has it's own *.pdb, you have to rename the pdb file in Kodi.pdb
then when the freeze/crash occurs press for a few second CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+BREAK to generate madvr freeze report

(2015-04-10, 17:55)MKANET Wrote: ...I'm not sure if this is a known DSPlayer bug or not, but when I back out to Kodi's Main Menu during video playback...
back out to Kodi's Main Menu during video playback has a different procedure, I have not dedicated too much time because for now has less importance ... then each skin manages this thing in a different way ... so don't worry for what happens to the menu during madVR playback

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