Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-04-10, 16:06)aracnoz Wrote: - there is no crash but kodi remains with a black screen and the application seems to continue to work in background?
please try to resize the kodi's window with ALT+ENTER, this solve the black screen?

- these crash occurs only when kodi it's set to change refresh to match the video's framerate? what happens if you try to change refresh only by madVR?
- these crash occurs only when madVR it's set to work in Fullscreen Exclusive mode?
- these crash occurs only when kodi it's in Fullscreen (Winowed or Exclusive mode)? what happens if kodi it's not in fullscreen?

OK, this is problem on my system so I want to report it.

The blackscreen came after playback stop, it looks like a freeze , lockup , ALT+ENTER or \ key doesn't bring Kodi to windows mode. CTRL+ALT+DEL would bring up login screen after hit run task manager or cancel it would go back and Kodi window appear as normal. It could be mistook as freeze easily I guess but on my system it's not, because TVTunes is playing in background and press remote key produce gui sound so I knew it's running. Press power then ok can close Kodi successfully.

Further investigation, I found it happens mostly on condition that playing diffrent file with different refresh rate next to each other. It doesn;t matter if you set madvr or Kodi to handle refresh rate change or both. If I set madVR to handle refresh rate change it sometimes got video frame freeze instead of blackscreen. But I still can close Kodi by pressing power then ok anyway.

I always use Fullscreen Exclusive Mode though, Using window mode brought me lot of problem in the past (video not playing / playing audio only etc.)

But after messing with madVR settings I think I managed to get a workaround on this matter. And after few tests it works fine now. Enable presence several frames in advance / disable madVR refresh rate change and let Kodi handle it fix this for me. At least I hope so.

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