Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-04-26, 14:07)XTrojan Wrote:
(2015-04-26, 03:12)Warner306 Wrote:
(2015-04-26, 02:31)XTrojan Wrote: I'll try disabling most "trade quality for performance" boxes and change to Lanczos 3.
Rendering isn't an issue as no frames get dropped.

Now that you mentioned 3/2 pulldown, if i always use 60Hz playback won't several frames get dropped since all my movies are 23.976Hz format?

I thought you might be playing back in 60 hz already. I was suggesting changing the refresh rate to see if that was the problem.
Artifacts seem fixed, the stutter isn't Sad. The stutter happens randomly (usually once per 5min and on quick movements). Is 23.976 playback supposed to be like this since when i play 3D on Stereoscopic player everything feels smooth(it plays on 24P mode though and not 23P).

This issue for some reason doesn't appear on Stereoscopic player (Which uses CoreAVC 3D Decoder).

Edit: It's not max stats going over VSync limit either, da heck >_>. Lumasharpen isn't on.

Could it be audio related? I'm bitstreaming and have to put 275ms delay, otherwise lipsync will be out of order(this issue doesn't happen on Stereoscopic player, it plays them both perfectly synced together).

Edit2: This judder can't be MadVR or Intel HD, i'm gonna try to speed up the video to 25Hz and set refresh rate to 50 or 25.

I'm not sure. 24hz judder is always going to be present much like 3/2 pulldown. It is a myth that it is completely smooth because the framerate is quite low. But you may be describing something more serious. Try DVDPlayer (Context Menu -> Play Using). That would tell the story.

That audio delay makes it sound like your TV has a poor implementation of 24p playback. It is possible to have a delay but says bad things about the video lag created by your TV. I hope you are using Kodi to handle refresh rate changes and not madVR. I would try ReClock in this case, as it might improve the lip-sync issue in either bitstream or PCM playback. I have also discovered with my Samsung LED that 24p playback can be disappointing.

Sorry, I couldn't help wow you with the perfect A/V set-up. But, even with the best technology, compromises still exist and nothing is perfect. This is especially true with 24p playback.

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