Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-04-28, 14:27)aracnoz Wrote: i'm working on Isengard, any further update will be made only on this version, the first beta should be out in a few days and you'll be pleased to know that it works perfectly with all recent DSPlayer update

with isengard the team kodi added in "video - library" an option "Select first unwatched TV show season/episode" to select direclty the last unwatched episode when we enter in a serie folder, I found this option very useful and then I added an ulterior option "Select last TV show on first entry" to choose if select the last watched tvshow or played tvshow, when we enter the first time in Tv Show, in this way we have a total comfort Smile


i added for Isengard DSPlayer an option to choose if change refresh only with DVDPlayer, only with DSPlayer or Both

maybe can be useful for someone else

Excellent news - been waiting on an Isengard build - to take advantage of 'move direct to first unwatched TV Show'

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