Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-04-28, 15:13)Bjur Wrote: [email protected]: I'm about to start over on Kodi DSplayer version (uninstall 14.1 instead of overwrite) and install MadVRversion, but is it recommended to install current build and update to Isengaard Beta when you have it ready or wait and install Isengaard Beta from scratch?

Also what is the verdict on Reclock. Is it recommended to use or leave?

Thanks for you work again. I can only bow to your impressive/impossible work you have done for this communitySmile
PS: and also thanks to Warner306 for assisting and guides.

Bitstream : Enable if you're using pulldown, and also enable media speed correction even if it isn't recommended, the audio won't be near perfect with the lips though.

PCM : I wouldn't use PCM, but if you're going to you can basically mess around with the audio as you wish since your PC is decoding it.

I don't use reclock as i have no benefit for it, i don't see a difference on 24P playback with or without reclock(bitstream).

The best quality in my opinion is bitstream, but getting correct sync and perfect video smoothness with bitstream is a major challenge(or well it was for me).
If you can get it to work, you basically got true blu-ray playback with MadVR filters (as long as your TV settings are correct as well).

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