Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows

the problem it's with this your rule

i think was made to use dvdplayer as default player with streaming source but it should be done by playercorefactory.xml, anyway this rule go in conflict with dsplayer rule to play remote file

<!-- New rule for preferred streaming source filter -->
<rule url="true" filetypes=".*">
  <source filter="internal_ffmpegsource" />


i think that maybe we have to create a better filtersconfig.xml and mediasconfig.xml for the home folder of dsplayer because now with your starter kit in the list of filter come out some duplication as "Lav Audio" and "Lav Audio Decoder"

the problem it's to do that without create problems for the existing rule of old DSPlayer users

(2015-05-01, 08:20)Warner306 Wrote: ...Can the same be said for Matroska Editions and title selection? I don't have any to test.

yes lav support this too, i fixed something on this the last month

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