Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-05-02, 01:35)Warner306 Wrote:
(2015-05-02, 00:24)Shogunreaper Wrote:
(2015-05-01, 08:18)Warner306 Wrote: No, as stated previously, this lag cannot be completely eliminated due to the frame buffer used by madVR. This is a compromise of this software.

but i'm not using madvr

Then it's likely Kodi's fault. You could be a little more helpful when asking for help. Each post spills out into four or five one line responses that ends in no resolution to your problem. Give some details about what you are doing and what settings are being used in these circumstances.

Well that's because i already said that i'm using the default settings, which is the directshow merits. I haven't changed anything from the way its set up on installation.

You saying that it's likely kodi's fault doesn't make sense seeing as it doesn't happen on the official version, so it would be something done to this one.

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