Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-05-02, 02:46)Warner306 Wrote:
(2015-05-01, 16:00)djoole Wrote: Hi, I have a strange problem.

When I'm stopping a video, or the video is stopping itlself at the end of it, sometimes (more and more often it seems), Kodi (or at least something in it) is crashing.
I get black screen or frozen screen with parts of the interface.

Logs are talking about "CDXTexture::LoadToGPU - failed to lock texture".

Auto adjust refresh rate was activated in MadVR and not in Kodi.
- If I deactivate it (videos playing at 60Hz), no bug
- If I use DVDPlayer with auto adjust refresh rate activated in Kodi, no bug
==> So the issue has to do with MadVR + autoadjust refresh rate in MadVR
- If I use autoadjust in Kodi and not MadVR, video is launching, but it's very laggy and i get thousands of presentation glitches (?)
==> the option in Kodi to define a pause duration during refresh rate doesn't work (i even tried 20 sec), I think that's why i get presentation glitches : MadVR is launching playback during refresh rate switching

I would like to test the auto adjust kodi option as advised in Warner306 guide, but with the pause option not working, it's impossible.

Any idea? Smile

EDIT : i've just tested that "pause during auto adjust refresh rate" works only with DVDPlayer, not DSPlayer.

I don't think this problem is common. A Kodi debug log would be helpful.
I'm convinced that if I could use the option "pause during refresh rate change" I wouldn't have the issue.
Could you please confirm the bug?

Make sure auto adjust frame rate is activated in Kodi, and choose a 15 sec pause.
Now play a video with DVDPlayer (the 15sec pause should be effective).
And play the same video with DSPlayer (if you reproduce the bug, the playback should start at once)

In the meantime I'll get the debug logs.

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