Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-05-02, 17:36)aracnoz Wrote:
(2015-05-02, 13:29)djoole Wrote: Sorry but we're you talking about next DSPlayer release in Helix or Isengard?

isengard dsplayer

(2015-05-02, 13:37)djoole Wrote: @aracnoz, could you please confirm this issue :
Kodi option "pause during refresh rate change" doesn't work with DSPlayer (but works with DVDPlayer).

i already know about this behavior, but it's only with madVR because it's take a bit more time to change the state in "running" at playstart, so when dsplayer try to pause the video at playstart ask to madvr the state, madvr report that the state it's "paused" instead "running" and dsplayer don't pause the videoplayback... maybe i can do something for this but it's not a priority because it's more difficult that what it seems...

anyway i don't think that you can solve all your problem with this feature

just to start, update to latest version madVR v0.87.21, then try to reset your settings on madvr to default with "restore default settings.bat" then you have to ensure that "delay playback unil render queue is full" it's enabled in madvr, manage the change refresh only by kodi
with all my systems that i tryed with madvr + dsplayer never happened that the video start during change refresh with "delay playback unil render queue is full" enabled

for the crash you have to download the related pdb file in the first page rename it in kodi.pdb and put in the kodi dsplayer installation folder... when the crash occurs before to kill the process you have to press CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+PAUSE (on some keyboard it's named as BREAK) after few secs on desktop should be created a madvr freeze report, something useful could be in there

I think I might have solved my issue, changing "how many video frames shall be presented in advance" to 1.
Future will say, as the issue was not systematic.

As for DVD support, i guess i have to upgrade to Isengard Smile

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