Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-05-04, 19:17)Warner306 Wrote:
(2015-05-04, 16:01)Bjur Wrote: Okay that makes sense. New additional question. When having a video 1916 x 1076 for instance and I create a 1080p profile through Kodi menu it doesn't apply my settings when I make a CTRL + J information. Why is that?
When I have selected DXVA2 image upscaling in Kodi menu it still says Lanzcos 3 (in information window) when I have applied to 1080p profile.
I can change to everything else than dxva2 and the window change, so if change to lanzcos3 and afterwards dxva2 it shows lanzcos3 etc

Both of those measurements are below 1080p, so that profile would be 720p. Native 1080p rips only require chroma upscaling. The example you used requires both luma and chroma scaling, so it is closer to 720p. Also, DXVA2 image scaling is not used when applied to 1080p videos. Only chroma upscaling is applied.

You could disable the Kodi gui and create profile rules manually in madVR. This would give you a lot more control over profile rules.

One rule might be used for widths > 1280. Another might be for widths <=1280.

Okay but you have defined rules that way or do you only have precise 1920 x 1080p rips?

The reason I'm curious is because when I have those files closely to 1080p it actually uses all my other settings for these files except the dxva2 so it seems to recognize the files as 1080p profile and all other 720p files it plays the profile I have setup in Kodi for that.

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