Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
Ok thanks.

I tested your last build, this doesn't solve my issue, it's even worse actually : randomly (but very often, and it seems when playback has been long enough), when i try to stop the video, sometimes the video is stopped but navigation screen doesn't display (black screen) or displays frozen with glitches, or at the best displays not frozen but with glitches. And the new part with this build is that sometimes the video doesn't stop, and Kodi process is seen as "not answering" (have to kill the process).

I tried with a lot of settings combinations (full screen exclusive on or off, refresh change by kodi or madVR, no refresh change at all), I still have those error of " texture creation ".
It's not skin related as i have this with confluence also...

And I seem to be the only one in this forum to have this problem..... Sad
So I think I may try to do a clean install and try again..

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