Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-05-09, 00:33)aracnoz Wrote: @Shogunreaper

everythings seems good with your debug log, i don't know if you're experiencing something wrong with dsplayer, it take a bit more time than dvdplayer at playbackstop but it's not a drammatic thing, then you're using evr as videorenderer that should be even faster than with madvr, you should try to use the media rules instead direct show mertis to have the best performance with dsplayer

What does setting them up change?

My directshow already uses lav filters

(2015-05-09, 00:34)djoole Wrote: I see nothing special in your logs, you launche a video, and 2 seconds after, you stop it :
18:08:32 T:4712 DEBUG: Joystick 0 button 2 Down

well i stopped it because i didn't want there to be anything unnecessary in the log. But it doesn't matter how short or long it plays it happens regardless.

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