Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows

you always had error like this in your debug

21:17:34 T:2768 ERROR: CGUIFontTTFDX::CopyCharToTexture: Failed to upload from sysmem to vidmem (0x8876086C)

because stopping by json api (webserver/smatphone etc etc) was performed with a separate thread
the same thing was happening at video complete without stop by remote

so closing dsplayer with a separate thread was the cause of the error on texture, now these things are fixed and without any error in your debug you have this blackscreen :\

now some question

while blackscreen occurs kodi it's running properly? can you hear the sound from the gui if you move to left right etc etc?
if you stop the playback without complete the movie still happens the black screen?

there is some things that i just noticed in your debug log

are you using pulse eight as remote? can you try without this if still happens the problem, because just before to perform the stop somewhere kodi receives a pause command
i don't know why, i don't know if this it's the problem but i cannot reproduce a situation where the pause it's called just before to execute all stop procedure


i still need an your debug log because i don't know if the problem it's the same of djoole, Warner306 had some problems on stop with some previous build but the causes was different
anyway you said that you can press power button and ok to close kodi... so can you hear the sound from the gui? kodi responds to the commands but the screen it's black?

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