Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-06-07, 01:30)lanzorg Wrote:
(2015-06-06, 19:57)Warner306 Wrote: Each component is changing all the time with updates. You would have to redo this installation package at least once a month at this time. It is better to install each filter on its own.

You're right! So I just made a simple console program that downloads latest version of each program and installs everything silently. No more packaging, just use official installers or extract archive and it works well.

(2015-06-06, 19:57)Warner306 Wrote: The set-up guide posted makes this very easy.

The set-up guide helped me a lot, but it's not automatic.
I use debian linux distribution as my home server and I like the way I can automate package installation and configuration with bash or python scripts.

(2015-06-06, 19:57)Warner306 Wrote: I'm not sure why you want an all-in-one installer.

To make things simpler, automatic for final users.
I would like to create a nice gui to setup a lot of things.
Some options I want to implement in a nice gui.

- Chossing lavfilters audio output.
- MadVR smooth motion enabler.
- MadVR presets following gpu performance.
- SVP/InterFrame support.
- Option to install players like mpc-hc, mpc-be and potplayer.
- Option to install additional software like icaros and mediaelch.

The next svp release will be x64, I don't know how they did as there are no x64 avisynth version and ffdshow x64 is bugged and not maintained anymore.
Maybe they created a vapoursynth or avisynth+ version?

However it will need a x64 kodi dsplayer release.
I never saw a x64 xbmc/kodi release for windows.
Anybody have information about it?

I think this is a great idea, anything to help keep things simple is good for me and would have thought it makes it easier for fault reporting if everything is always automatically kept up to date no more asking what version of this that and the other you have, anyway may not be for everyone but for me thumbs up Smile
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