Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-06-29, 20:18)jpsdr Wrote:
(2015-06-29, 15:32)spencerjford Wrote: Does the behaviour you are looking for work under mpc-hc?

I don't know. As it's working with dvdplayer, i was expecting it working with dsplayer, as i always thought dsplaye was "more" than dvdplayer, or at least equal.
I'm surprised no one until now never asked for this behavior, or at least it's the feeling i have (maybe i'm wrong). Anyone who have an audio receiver will expect this behavior, for exemple, if audio in source file is 2.0, to have the receiver detect dolby surrond (if there is), and act as expected. This is possible only if 2 channels are send to receiver.
To resume basicaly : Allow/let the audio receiver do all his audio stuff. This is possible only if player behaves like i've described.

If what i'm expecting is unfortunately not possible with dsplayer, so be it...

Set-up ReClock as below. Make sure Set matching speaker configuration is unchecked for two channel sources. With WASAPI Exclusive enabled, you should get proper audio behavior with all sources.

I would recommend bitstreaming for bit perfect playback, but PCM can be used to eliminate any frame drops due to the slight loss of synchronization that occurs between the different clocks in a computer.


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