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Color Gamuts Explained

BT.709 vs. DCI-P3 vs. BT.2020

RTINGS.com: A color gamut (also known as a color space) is a range of colors found in the visual spectrum. Particular colors, one variation each of red, green, and blue, are established as the boundaries of a given range, and any colors that are found within those limits are considered part of that space.

Color gamuts are created by telecommunications standards organizations and help in establishing concrete specifications for what the TV must be capable of doing. To meet a given color gamut’s specifications, a TV must be able to display all of the colors included in that space.

At present, there are three main color gamuts that are important to TVs: BT.709 (SDR & HD Color Standard), DCI-P3 (Displayed with UHD BT.2020 Color Coordinates) and BT.2020 (HDR & UHD Color Standard).

What is Wide Colour Gamut (WCG)?

Comparing Color Gamuts

Wide Color Gamut Coverage of TVs

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