Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-07-22, 18:16)NahsiN Wrote: Hi, newbie here I am having the same problem as MKANET when trying to play http Emby streams from a remote server. The exact same error. I have already edited my Media Rules as recommended in the HOW TO Guide (http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=...pid1966595) but that hasn't made a difference. Also using system filters works, although seeking is not the best as expected. I get stuck on "Working" Loop. Also, using MadVR from Emby Theater works. This leads me to believe that it is perhaps a issue with the filters I am using? Here is my My media filter

(2015-07-05, 20:16)MKANET Wrote: Thanks Ed. Yes, I've already configured DSPlayer to use directshow for http/https (without using DVDPlayer). However, I think for Win8.x/Win10, DSPlayer isn't able to handle this. It's all boils down to the error in my Kodi log:

Kodi Condition/Error that DSPlayer can't handle[ automatically
FATAL: CFGFilterFile::Create CoCreateInstance failed!

The only way I can get all my video addons to work (Youtube, and Amazon Prime Video) is the enable, "Use System Filters (DirectShow Merits).

EDIT: And.. now I know exactly what filters are used when "Use System Filters" is enabled (I used GraphStudio + Connect to Remote Graph). No surprise... "File Source (URL) + LAV Splitter + LAV Video + LAV Audio + MadVR + Default DirectShow Audio Render"; which is EXACTLY what I had specified in mediasconfig.xml + filtersconfig.xml.

So, I can finally prove there's a problem with DSPlayer (at least under Windows 8.1) when trying to do a simple HTTP/HTTPS playback filtergraph.
FATAL: CFGFilterFile::Create CoCreateInstance failed!
is the only log error captured unfortunately.

@aracnoz can you please try to reproduce this using the Youtube addon for Kodi using the Isengard beta 2 DSPlayer version of Kodi?

Not sure what condition causes DSPlayer try to start the unusual "CoCreateInstance"; and, DSPlayer doesn't know how to handle it at that point... For youtube videos, it tries to use cyberlinkvideocodec. (poor attempt from DSPlayer to handle CoCreateInstance), For Amazon Prime videos, DSPlayer tries to insert another filter I don't have,

11:04:29 T:4028   ERROR: CFGLoader::InsertFilter Failed to create filter "cyberlinkvideodec"
11:04:29 T:4028   ERROR: CFGManager::RenderFileXbmc Failed to load filters rules
11:04:29 T:4028   ERROR: CDSPlayer::Process - Failed creating DS Graph

        <rule name="Remote URLs" filetypes=".*" protocols="http|https" url="true">
            <source filter="file_source_(url)" />
            <splitter filter="lavsplitter" />
            <video filter="lavvideodec" />
            <audio filter="lavaudiodec" />

playercorefactory.xml is pretty much empty...
   <rules action="prepend">
     <rule protocols="daap" player="DVDPlayer"/>

On I run Kodi with administrator priviledges (and UAC slider turned all the way down in Win8.1). I don't have any real-time antivirus running (Windows Defender is completely disabled during testing).

(2015-07-05, 12:35)Ed76 Wrote: http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=...pid2037842

I would recommend playing http content with DVDPlayer. If you are talking about using Emby server with DSPlayer, a fix has been posted in the past, but I don't know what that fix was.

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