Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-07-22, 00:26)aracnoz Wrote: UPDATE: Isengard DSPlayer 15.0 Final

some important fixes and improvement are made with this build
  • no more lag while using madVR thx to new "low latency mode"
  • adjust refresh to match fps now properly works also if configured only in madVR tryicon, at media stop the original refresh will be restored
  • solved the issue with high gpu load while pause
  • solved the issue with the Kodi GUI that could runs slowly or unresponsive after several played/stopped videos with madVR
  • solved some textures issue after completes a video in ffw

this build of dsplayer it's fully compatible only with madVR v0.88.18+ so pls update to latest madVR, older versions still works but since madvr manages the pause state in a new way it's not guaranteed the proper functioning at 100%

links at first page


speaking about the new "low latency mode" i would put the focus on an important aspect

when we play a video with madvr opening the stats with ctrl+j we should see present queue 7-8/8 (with default settings) if there isn't any element of the kodi gui visible/rendered on the video, in this moment the "low latency mode" it's disabled and everything works as he should


when some element of kodi appears then automatically the "low latency mode" it's enabled and the present queue goes down to 1-2/2


this it's the correct behavior, so pls report if you notice that with kodi gui element visible on the screen the present queue remain at 7-8/8 or if with each element of kodi hidden the present queue it's still lock to 1-2/2

in the todo list remains to update the kodi gui to manage the new scaling algorithms added recently in madVR but until the hard work of madshi on this it's finished and released the new mvrinterface it's impossible to me


ill be waiting for the proper full release aka when you and madshi got the scaling algorithms added with the new mvrinterface and the incorrect render times fixed

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