Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-07-23, 10:17)Flotho Wrote: I have installed the new version of DSPlayer with madvr and LAV filters yesterday.
It runs really smooth. My question is now, my picture is really dark?
I try some KODI settings with RGB. With limited RGB i have a blacked crush. With RGB Full, the picture is washed out grey.

My hardware:
Intel Nuc D34010WYK
Windows 10
Panasonic ZT60
Onkyo 509

Have someone an idea what that could be?

It sounds like you need to calibrate your TV for the connected PC. Having incorrect Contrast and Brightness settings for your PC is the likely problem.

You could tweak a few settings in madVR devices section beforehand to see if it gets you anywhere. Try using gamma control with a curve of 2.20. Also, make certain your display is set as already calibrated in the devices section.

As for the color space, I would set it as follows:

(LAV Video) All Output Formats -> (madVR) PC levels (0-255) -> (GPU) Limited Range RGB 16-235 -> (TV) Output as RGB 16-235

Kodi should be left at full range. Your GPU would then convert TV levels before output.

More information on TV vs PC color spaces here.

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