Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-07-28, 10:32)aracnoz Wrote: i prepared a test build

i made some change directly in kodi for the refresh change, the time to execute a file seems similar managing the refresh only by kodi or only by madVR, in my case 3 seconds to do everything (switch refresh and then enter in exclusive mode) even with mpc starting with the monitor at 60hz i employ the same time

i also made compatible the option <latency><delay><refresh> in advancedsetting to assign a personal delay to each refresh even when only madvr manage the refresh

let me know if it works for everyone

I'll try it in the afternoon but... Tu si na' stellà preziòs su internèt!

EDIT: I didn't resist and tried it now. I substituted the exe file in the Kodi directory, launched Kodi, went into Settings/Video/Playback and set up Kodi so as to switch refresh rate for DVDPlayer only, leaving the refresh switch task to madVR (which already had the video modes configured). Now the refresh rate happens but the audio delay is not working.

When using both Kodi and madVR to switch refresh rate, what I see with these settings:


is that Kodi sets up LAV Audio with a -224 delay (I kid you not, 224, not 225). Always happens like this.

If I have just madVR doing the switch, even with your new version, aracnoz, that field stays at 0 and the audio is not in sync.
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