Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows

Perhaps you can replace DSPlayer Features: on the first page with the text below:

DVDPlayer vs. DSPlayer Features:
  • DVDPlayer:
    - Audio/Video Filters: FFmpeg
    - Video Rendering: DXVA / Software / Pixel Shaders (Lanczos3, Spline36, Bicubic, etc.)
    - Video Output: 8-bit undithered
    - Post-processing: none
    - Other Features: native support for all Kodi addons; internal subtitle engine works without external filters.
    - Application: Lower resource use while delivering high-quality rendering to low-powered platforms.
  • DSPlayer:
    - Audio/Video Filters: DirectShow (LAV Filters, XySubFilter, FFDShow, ReClock, etc.)
    - Video Rendering: madVR (Jinc, super-xbr, NNEDI3, etc.), EVR & VMR9
    - Video Output - madVR: 16 bit processing dithered to 10 bits or less
    - Post-processing - madVR: image sharpening, artifact removal (debanding), gamut & gamma correction via 3D LUTs
    - Other Features: custom GUIs for DSPlayer settings and madVR rendering; compatible with most Kodi addons.
    - Application - madVR: No shortcuts - bypasses graphics card's video (damage) algorithms - highest quality retains priority over anything else; complex, fully-customizable video rendering.
I know this could be even simpler, but I don't think DSPlayer is meant for novice users, unless that novice user is interested in doing some extended reading on a/v filters and a/v rendering. Because of madVR, DSPlayer setup has become moderately complex and far from plug-and-play.

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