Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
I just wanted to report back that the issues I had with http/https and other online streaming video addons are all resolved now. I can pretty much can now build any Directshow filtergraph with DSPlayer.. I didn't realize that filtersconfig.xml and mediaconfig.xml under "C:\Program Files (x86)\Kodi\system\players\dsplayer" takes precedence over the ones under "C:\Users\MKANET\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\userdata\dsplayer". So, I saw weird filter names that DSPlayer was looking (in my Kodi logs) that I didn't have defined or installed.

I've always had issues with Internet Web Browsers displaying inconsistent/choppy framerate when playing back Silverlight (Flash/HTML5 is not as bad, but still noticeable "Web Streaming Video" quality.

Finally, I can watch Amazon Prime Videos. Youtube, even online PORN videos with MadVR SmoothMotion (synched to 60fps/60hz on my 1080p display) and other MadVR video effects (when needed). and audio processing with ffdshow Audio Processor (ie, Dolby processing for stereo sources, etc). Everything works now; and, completely invisible

@aracnoz thanks for all your effort! And, thanks for fixing the TraktTV rating issue fixed for the next release!

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