Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
@aracnoz I just installed cleanly the final version of Isengard Kodi 15 DSPlayer build. The same issue is still there. Once in a while, I do see the Trakt rating dialog after a media has stopped playback. But, that's pretty rare. Did I miss something?

(2015-07-27, 17:39)aracnoz Wrote: [quote='MKANET' pid='2063306' dateline='1437937654']
@aracnoz, any chance you could please consider looking into the the issue preventing the Trakt.TV addon from reliably opening it's Rating's Dialog box on Player.OnPlaybackStopped? Maybe this is a complication indirectly caused by DSPlayer's OSD lag? I tried to ask for help about this in the trakt.tv forum thread; however, they mentioned the correct place to ask for help is in this thread. Thanks for any help you can offer about this. PS: I'm NOT using FSE.

Looking forward to the next Isengard DSPlayer update!

fixed with next build

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