Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-08-08, 10:18)aracnoz Wrote:
(2015-08-07, 20:03)ashlar Wrote: Ok, here's Addic7ed plugin downloading subtitles but DSPlayer not showing them after download. I then stopped and restarted the video and subtitles were displayed correctly:


fixed for the next build, it was a problem with smb path conversion

(2015-08-07, 20:03)ashlar Wrote: And here's the "rubber band" effect when adjusting subtitles delay. I don't know how else to define it... I reach -400ms and it goes back to -200ms by itself, stuff like that:


when i added the delay support for audio and subtitles i noticed that kodi has the slider inverted to manage the delay value,to have a delay of +500 +1000 you have to put the slider back, for a minus delay put the slider ahead, i don't know if it's a fault with my brain but it was impossible to me find a right delay with the slider set in this way

so i inverted the slider, but obviously now i discovered that kodi manages the delay in a different way if you change the delay from the osd, or by pressing a combination of key set in a custom keyboard.xml as in your case, may be there will be again another way for change the delay with a smarphone or with the web interface who knows Smile, so maybe it will be better that I reverts the changes that i made

but i'm not able to reproduce any issue, in my case i have only the slider that work in different way if i use the osd or if i use a key set in the keyboard.xml, the value remains stored without any problem, maybe in your custom keyboard there is some conflict with some config? because i see a alot of "delay minus" and then some "delay plus" in the middle

Thanks for fixing the subtitles plugin. Much appreciated.

As far as the delay adjustments to subs, I confirm: it was MY problem. Your remarks prompted me to double check what was happening with EventGhost and, apparently, there's some conflict when using modifiers such as CTRL+key or CTRL+SHIFT+key. I reverted to single keys with no modifiers and all works perfectly. Sorry for the time I made you lose for this.

I still have the very peculiar audio delay that gets adjusted by exactly one millisecond less than what's in advancedsettings.xml. If you check the logs I posted, I have 225ms delay for 23.976Hz material, that actually is registered correctly in the log and it shows it being applied. But if I open LAV Audio, I see the delay set at 224ms. Can you reproduce? (Clearly it's just cosmetics, no human being can detect the difference between 224 and 225 milliseconds...).
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