Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-08-14, 19:16)Bjur Wrote: Hi guys. A little succes in troubleshooting.

I think I have found the problem in this.

If I copy the files to a drive on the computer I can download the subtitles with no problem.

However all my files are on SMB shares and as soon as I try the normal way I get crash on Kodi.

So it seems something goes wrong there.

I have tried the 15.1 edition and the problem is still the same with crashes.

What are you guys using NFS or?

So please aracnox if you can do some magic to help I would be very happy since the problem has been here for a long timeSmile

Sorry no problems here.
But there was a issue with smb paths which is fixed in 15.1RC - your log shows you are using 15.0 21.7 version which does not have this fix,


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