Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-08-15, 08:41)aoe2exp Wrote: has anyone found a solution to this?

Quote:FATAL: CFGFilterFile::Create CoCreateInstance failed!
23:34:48 T:5456 ERROR: CFGLoader::InsertFilter Failed to create filter "xysubfilter"
23:34:48 T:5456 ERROR: CFGManager::RenderFileXbmc Failed to load filters rules
23:34:48 T:5456 ERROR: CDSPlayer:Tonguerocess - Failed creating DS Graph

I ran a search and tried a few things but no luck

So I fixed all my performance issues and the not wanting to play files by not using xysubfilter. I don't really care about subs, so I'll leave it like that.

I wanted to thank you guys for this amazing work.

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