Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-08-25, 12:29)hac_ Wrote: What I'm missing is the option to somehow see and pick the used playlist when playing back Blu-rays in folders using index.bdmv. This is a problem in the few cases when the disc uses obscured playlists or has interactive version that is longer than the normal movie.

I decided to just try and fix it somehow. I ended up with a script that Kodi calls as an external player, the script does couple simple checks for playlist selection and calls Kodi through JSON RPC to start playback on the playlist. Here is the repository in case someone is interested: BDPlayLister

The script doesn't support user interaction, but rather selects the playlist automagically. It is by no means a polished product, but it works well enough at least for my use case.
For the automagic to work, you can either place SRT-subtitles next to the wanted playlist or write down the playlist you want in BDMV/playlist.txt file.
An additional approach at some point could be to code the playlist in the Blu-ray movie directory name somehow.

Initially I tried an add-on approach, but that was just too limited for this case. The add-on system is unfortunately quite limited for this use and only allows to react to playback events instead of intercepting them before they happen. This meant that DSPlayer would always start playback with madVR and the add-on would need to stop it. This lead to a lot of crashing, especially when refresh rate changing was enabled.

Incidentally, I noticed that the above add-on playback stop-start method is used also by Cinema Experience plugin and a few others. I'm quite certain that this is the reason they have problems working with DSPlayer.
They probably could be changed to support this external player trick I have here, but it would require a huge amount of changes in the add-on Python code. Not to mention that installation requires extra work compared to plain add-on approach. Might be feasible for some smaller add-ons though.

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