Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-08-29, 15:53)Bomeranger Wrote: Hi!
I found a problem with RGB Output Levels.
1. Play the test file 00001.m2ts in the original Kodi 15.1 (not DX11)


Log Kodi 15.1
it's a familiar image.

2. Then I installed overwriting Kodi DSPlayer 15.1 DX11 and madVR v0.88.21. Made a small setup (as in the post 1966557 (post)) and started playing again.
The picture was the same as in the previous case.
3. Then use the right mouse button "Play using DVDPlayer".
And I see:
LOG DSPlayer 15.1 DX11

The image is different from what I saw in the original Kodi 15.1.
As it should be?

Test video 00001.m2ts

madVR enforces a proper gamma and looks to have the correct grayscale. Follow the setup instructions for RGB output levels in this post: 1966571 (post).

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