Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-09-03, 17:38)spencerjford Wrote: the straightest response i can give you is this. use what setting looks best to you.

I ran the tests and PC Mode vs Normal mode with everything off (including Motion plus) is exactly the same, minus PC mode restricting color/tint settings.

The noise problem is kinda fixed with sharpness set to = 0, but there's still little noise caused a little by Motion plus (tested with on/off on sharp scenes), to get perfect picture.

I tried 60Hz smooth motion with Motion plus off, unfortunately my HD 4600 can't keep up.

Is it possible to run SVP together with reclock + DSPlayer? It seems that my TV's internal interpolation(Motion plus) seems to interfere with the PC processing. Since SVP is processed by the PC, it shouldn't interfere with MadVR? It seems like what i'm searching for.

Edit2: I finally fixed it with using custom interpolation settings on my TV, Noise reduction set to 10 and Judder reduction disabled(this was what introduced noise on high quality blurays). The end result was smooth with no soap opera mode engaged nor interfering with MadVR rendering.

Professionals apparently recommend Motion plus disabled or the settings: Anti-judder disabled, Anti-blur on max, only use anti-judder on low quality, avoid going over 2. I don't know why the standard setting is 5/5.

Sharpness on bluray = Edge-glow artifacts on sharp scenes.
Judder on bluray = Noise on sharp scenes (pixelated) as if the motion can't hang with and it creates unstable double frames.

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