Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-09-07, 00:14)a5ian300zx Wrote: Ok,

renamed Kodi folder is appdata but even with new one still the same issue, I then uninstalled Kodi and reinstalled your version inc .pub file instruction back and still the same issue.

I have updated the intel gpu drivers drivers and still the same issue.

so I have had enough time messing about with it and wanted to change to Windows 10 any so I am doing a full clean install of Windows 10.

then I will install the version of Kodi on the first thread again and test once its working I will copy my appdata Kodi folder back and test again.

Will report back once I have finished.

Tried to copy your media file to empty folder and play from there. In my past experience there were times that DSPlayer won't play media files in my download folder. I found out that other files in folder caused the problem (usually zip/rar files with password). Not sure why but I guess it involved scanning subtitle / media from zip/rar file.

Not sure if it fixed recently because it became my habit to move file I downloaded to proper folder before playing it.

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