Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-09-08, 09:25)ldavet Wrote:
(2015-09-07, 21:11)aracnoz Wrote:
(2015-09-07, 19:33)ldavet Wrote: Hi, for some reason madVR isn't starting when DSPlayer starts playback. I've tried both versions 0.89 and 0.88.21 of madVR. I'm on Windows 10 with the latest Isengard 15.2 RC1.

I thought it was a madVR issue, but MPC-HC loads madVR just fine. The default player is DSPlayer.

you have to provide a full debug log, all instructions are at first page


The problem is that DSPlayer won't even run. If selecting a movie, it reverts to standard DVDPlayer. When I force select DSPlayer, the screen stutters for a few seconds and nothing happens afterwards.

EDIT: Hmmm, from searching around it seems DSPlayer and Emby Server don't like each other. A pity, really.

That's exactly the combo I use. DSPlayer and Emby Server. No issues here. But one thing i did do is on the Server side, i went to the path substitution side and set that up. That's probably why i have no issues with it whatsover.

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