Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-09-09, 18:58)Bjur Wrote: Thanks for your input oldpoem. I've just setup all profiles etc in madVR but if it perhaps can solve it, it is worth a try, but as far as I remember you are not using xysubfilter but xyvsfilter instead correct?

Yes. But after reset madvr profiles I can use internal filters (which is xysubfilter) & download subtitle without problem. But then I switched back to xyvsfilter filter with mediaconfig / filterconfig per usual. I really doubt using xysubfilter would give me noticeable improvement over xyvsfilter. I can't find different with my eyes even when watched very complex subtitled anime fansub.

Also xyvsfilter is better when use with SVP. XySubfilter impact much performance when use with SVP & Kodi. In my latest test with same settings on same system xysubfilter caused framedrop when use with SVP but when I switched to xyvsfilter it was butter smooth. So I'd suggest anyone who has problem with performance / subtitles not showing to try xyvsfilter instead.

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