Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-09-09, 21:11)oldpoem Wrote:
(2015-09-09, 18:58)Bjur Wrote: Thanks for your input oldpoem. I've just setup all profiles etc in madVR but if it perhaps can solve it, it is worth a try, but as far as I remember you are not using xysubfilter but xyvsfilter instead correct?

Yes. But after reset madvr profiles I can use internal filters (which is xysubfilter) & download subtitle without problem. But then I switched back to xyvsfilter filter with mediaconfig / filterconfig per usual. I really doubt using xysubfilter would give me noticeable improvement over xyvsfilter. I can't find different with my eyes even when watched very complex subtitled anime fansub.

Also xyvsfilter is better when use with SVP. XySubfilter impact much performance when use with SVP & Kodi. In my latest test with same settings on same system xysubfilter caused framedrop when use with SVP but when I switched to xyvsfilter it was butter smooth. So I'd suggest anyone who has problem with performance / subtitles not showing to try xyvsfilter instead.
Thanks for the answer. My problem doesn't lie in madvr I think. I have now tried on 3 different computers and each time it crashes when downloading subtitles when using smb. When playing internal stuff it's okay. And have also tried to reset madvr.

The problem DOESN'T occur if no external subtitle are present. If external .srt are there then there's a crash.

What can the problem be on my smb configuration?

Have you guys specified user and password when using smb path or jus "windows network (smb)"

And question 2. How do I get xyvsfilter to load instead then. I have moved my filters now it's all internal. I've installed xyvsfilter and marked it as an extra filter in DS menu, but it doesn't get selected as default.

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