Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-09-11, 11:24)oldpoem Wrote:
(2015-09-11, 08:40)Bjur Wrote: Thanks for the answer. My problem doesn't lie in madvr I think. I have now tried on 3 different computers and each time it crashes when downloading subtitles when using smb. When playing internal stuff it's okay. And have also tried to reset madvr.

The problem DOESN'T occur if no external subtitle are present. If external .srt are there then there's a crash.

What can the problem be on my smb configuration?

Have you guys specified user and password when using smb path or jus "windows network (smb)"

And question 2. How do I get xyvsfilter to load instead then. I have moved my filters now it's all internal. I've installed xyvsfilter and marked it as an extra filter in DS menu, but it doesn't get selected as default.

All my media is on SMB shares (Win10) with username / password. I entered it when added source first time & checked remember password button.

You can't use xyvsfilter with internal filter option because xysubfilter was set as default and is unable to changed. You have to use mediaconfig / filtersconfig.

To see if it's madvr related problem or your smb settings problem, try this method.

Install 15.1 DSplayer and set video renderer to EVR and try download subtitles. And try with madvr as video renderer. If EVR works fine something wrong with your madvr settings. But if both crashed maybe your smb setting was the problem. Maybe you didn't give it delete permission? Because when there already is external subtitle it has to be deleted before new one can be written in same folder with the same name.
Hmm. very interesting. where do I give it delete permission?
Do you mean" allow file renaming and deletion in filelists should be enabled?

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