Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows

Set madVR to 0-255 when outputting limited range to avoid clipping the input. Also, check the set-up guide. This is all explained in detail. You might need to play with the calibration settings in madVR, especially the gamma curve.

If limited looks good with DVDPlayer, I question whether your GPU is not outputting full range.

ok, 1st thanks for reply, just to make sure i explained myself correctly, yes, GPU and TV are setted to limited range only.
probably only available cause resolution is on 2160p60, 1080p i can also chooses full range in nvidia settings, here only limited.

"wrong" color output alredy starts in kodi GUI, i cant get all circles shown in test pattern with dsplayer version, nvm wich one i use (august, september, ...),
in the standard kodi directx11 version test pattern set to limited range looking all perfect, i thought GUI is also DX11 rendered now on dsplayer
version and should give me the same result as the dsplayer version in GUI wich isnt the case.
as the GUI aint the important thing now nvm, just wondering why thats the case.

i will try the setup guide again and look what i may missed in case of color space setup cause more important is the playback issue where the color space
seems not correcty due an sonehow to bright picture, pretty good visible by comparing the black bars on a cinema movie,
- kodi directx11 standard edition color space looking fine, picture quality good
. kodi dsplayer edition color space way away from good here, pictury quality seems better already without using all features already Wink

thanks again

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