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(2015-09-12, 17:37)aracnoz Wrote: actually the standard installation it's made to give the best quality available and according what cyberbeing says "XySubFilter - High Quality Subtitle Rendering" i'm on the right path

i already explained why it's considered to have better quality

i know that for you it's most important to have the sub on the black bars, maybe for another one it's most important to have the sub at best native resolution, who knows

XySubFilter it's the future instead probably there will never be a new version of XyVSFilter, so when madshi will add new features to render on black bars DSPlayer will be ready to use these features without any changes

sorry, XySubFilter will stay as default filter for internal configuration
Fine for me, as I mentioned I wasn't thinking about me but more about the Kodi user coming to DSPlayer and expecting subs behaviour as in standard Kodi as far as placement is concerned.
The only think I don't see in my setup, using xyVSfilter, is subs being rendered in SD and then stretched to HD. I set "Renderer layout option" to 1920x1080 and text based subs (ie. SRT) are rendered at native resolution. So I don't understand where the "rendered at high res" is coming from. I am surely missing something.

In any case, aracnoz, it's your choice and I fully respect it (even more so considering that your DSPlayer gives me the option to do as I prefer). Smile
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