Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-09-14, 23:35)ashlar Wrote: aracnoz, does your version of DSPlayer still allow for rules in mediasconfig.xml?

I tried using
rule filetypes="mkv|avi|divx|ogm|mp4|mov|m4v|flv|m2v|mpeg|mpg|vob|mts|m2ts|ts|bdmv">
            <source filter="lavsource" />
            <splitter filter="lavsplitter" />
            <video filter="lavvideo" />
            <audio filter="lavaudio" />
            <subs videoresolution="480|540|720" filter="xysubfilter" />
            <subs filter="directvobsub_(auto-loading_version)" />

hoping to use VSFilter only for 1080p files (the grand majority of 2:35 and 1:85 files I have), while using xySubfilter for lower resolution files, to take advantage of its hi res subs... but it doesn't work. And in the GUI I don't see the above rule anywhere. As you see it above, xySubfilter is always used, if I invert the two lines, xyVSFilter is always used.
warner306, do you know if what I'm asking makes sense? Am I doing a mistake in writing the rule or are rules unsupported for filters selection in this version of DSPlayer?
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